“Fantastic Customer Service, Great Solution”

Our company churns out a lot of content (webinars, email, blog posts, white papers, case studies). It’s overwhelming for our Sales team to filter down to upcoming marketing engagements that are important from a sales enablement perspective. Campaign Calendar solved that with a simple to use app that gives my sales team clear insight into the upcoming campaigns through the Salesforce list view functionality embedded onto a calendar. It’s easy to use and gives my reps exactly what they need. It’s made call blitz planning a snap.
— Amy Harris, Socrata | Seattle, WA

“Keep sales in the loop easily.”

Thank you very much, this app is fantastic. I appreciate the awesomeness and constant improvement. Great way to keep the sales team up to speed real-time on what campaigns are hitting and when. So easy to just copy paste the campaign brief into the campaign details and have them ready to go.
— Mitchell Hanson, Zapproved | Portland, OR

“Great app for marketing departments.”

My team was looking for a quick calendar that will get all our activities into one place and this app was the answer. We are now able to see all the campaign efforts in one place for the whole team or segmented by views for particular users. Overall, we are happy with the application in our CRM.
— Susan Raygorodskaya, Sterling Backcheck | NY, NY