Organize And Print Your Campaign Calendar The Way You Want


Printable View: Month View

Clicking on the print icon in Month view will generate a view optimized for one-page printing, and has been tested in major browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari but individual printer and system configurations may require adjustment for proper printing. Here are a few hints to ensure successful printing.

In Portrait view, it is recommended to limit the view to display a maximum of  40 campaigns.
In Landscape view, it is recommended to limit the view to display a maximum of 30 campaigns. 
Remember to change your page set-up in your printer window to match the Portrait or Landscape selection in the Campaign Calendar printable view. 
Most modern browsers allow you to Save To PDF - a perfect way to distribute your Campaign Calendar via email. 

Printable View: Plan View

Clicking on the print icon in Plan View will generate a view optimized for up to 165 campaigns per year.  If you have greater than 165 campaigns displayed in your selected List View  for a selected year, Campaign Calendar will still generate a PDF for the first 165 campaigns in the list.


Hover over the color icon to display the calendar color legend. The legend will display the field that the colors are based on as well as the individual field values. The legend can be controlled by the Company Color Settings or by your own Personal Color Settings. Special permissions are required to customize the Company Color Settings, but any user can define Personal Color Settings. For more details on the permissions necessary for the Company Color Settings see the Campaign Calendar Customization guide.

Color Settings

  1. To modify the color settings, click the Color icon.
  2. Choose between Company Color Settings or Personal Color Settings to set source.
  3. Select the Field you would like to set as the source for the Color Settings.
  4. Modify the colors by clicking in each color rectangle and moving the color wheel to the desired location. Alternatively type in a specific hex value.
  5. Click Save.

Note: If Company Color Settings is selected as the source you will only see the color rectangles if you have permission to edit the company-wide settings.


Clicking on the ICS icon will download an ICS file containing the Campaigns present in the current list view. This ICS file can then be used to import into other calendaring tools such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

Clicking on the Download ICS button inside the Campaign Details will download an ICS file for the single campaign.


Campaign Calendar automatically detects locale and switches to a Monday start where applicable.